Get Those Envelopes Opened! 9 Tips

What’s the secret to boosting great response rates to direct mail? Getting recipients to open the envelope! The best-written sales letter can’t work until the recipient opens the flap. Here are nine tips for piquing recipients’ interest and engaging their curiosity.

  1. Get creative. Try new substrates, such as smooth, heavier stocks that show off your colorful designs or textured stocks that offer a high-end feel. So many options — vellum, glassine, polybag-type envelopes — try them all!
  2. Go big! Consistently, oversized envelopes get higher response rates than #10 envelopes. Larger pieces stand out in the mailbox, and with their oversized dimensions, people can’t help but wonder what’s inside.
  3. Go windowless. Window envelopes are often used for statements and bulk mail, so a plain, windowless envelope is more likely to get opened.
  4. Use teasers and other on-envelope messaging. Consider placing dynamic messaging on the envelope’s front, back, and even inside. Your copy should provoke curiosity but not give everything away.
  5. Mix it up. Keep mixing up your messaging and design. Each time you send a mailing, it should feel fresh and new.
  6. Add a personal touch. Make the recipient feel special. Whether it’s through personalized printing, using a legible script font, or actual handwriting, give it that personal touch.
  7. Use an actual stamp. Recipients notice when you use genuine stamps. It tells them this isn’t just another bulk mailing and piques their curiosity.
  8. Put it between the T’s. Unless you want a campaign to drop on a Monday or Friday, the best open rates tend to be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Shoot for these days for your in-home windows.
  9. Don’t over-saturate. Six weeks is a reasonable interval between mailings. This way, you stay fresh in your prospects’ minds without becoming a nuisance.

Envelopes offer many creative possibilities, making them a versatile and effective tool to convey your message. For the greatest success, embrace your creativity, tailor the encounter, and experiment with fresh ideas now and then!