Industry Tips

Want Marketing Success? Don’t Do This!

We all love reading about marketing mistakes as long as they aren’t our own. Not only do these tales make us say, “Whew! Glad that wasn’t me!” But we also…

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What Is Lead Nurturing? Why Does It Matter?

For some sales, a single postcard or letter mailer will do the trick. But for more complex products, the sales cycle can be longer. In this case, marketers will often…

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5 Reasons Print Is Still Thriving

Remember all of those forecasts about the demise of print? They haven’t come true. Like most offline channels, direct mail took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is…

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Why Building Trust Is a “Must Have” Marketing Goal

Direct mail and email are for selling things, right? But what about building trust? While many marketers may not think about it, trust should be one of your top marketing…

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5 Benefits You Get from Branding

When businesses plan their direct mail or email campaigns, their goal is generally customer acquisition or retention. But what about branding? Marketing campaigns explicitly designed to build your brand are…

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What Do Your Design’s Colors Say About You?

Did you know that 62% to 90% of our opinions about products, brands, and even our clothing, are based on color? This means that when your target audience first sets…

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Your Company Has Changed — Has Your Brochure?

Businesses are constantly evolving. You develop new products. You launch new services. You begin focusing on a specific niche or targeting new audiences. Be sure to update your marketing collateral…

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Facts & Myths

Got Myths? 3 Misperceptions About Print

Got Myths? 3 Misperceptions About Print Print continues to receive a lot of attention from marketers. Why? First, because it works. Second, it’s simply less annoying. (According to, print…

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Study: More Channels = Better Results

Have you ever wondered how using multiple channels impacts your results? A recent study from Demand Metric / PFL gives some insights. In this study, “2019 Multichannel Marketing Report,” which…

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OffSet Printing Services

OffSet Printing Services: What You Should Know

If you’re looking for a Charlotte printing company that offers offset printing services, you certainly want to choose one that can successfully complete all of your printing projects. While most…

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