How to Write Marketing Copy That Motivates!

Whether you’re creating an advertisement, a direct mail piece, or website content, compelling marketing copy can capture attention, evoke emotion, and, ultimately, drive sales. To achieve this, marketers often tap into six primary motivators that resonate with consumers deeply and personally. Let’s take a look.

  1. Physical Needs: At the most basic level, consumers are motivated by their physical needs for food, shelter, and clothing. Use clear, descriptive language that helps your customers visualize these needs being met. For example, a grocery store could list the fresh produce available that day. Or it could write copy that highlights the products’ freshness and nutritional value.
  2. Security: Everyone wants to feel safe. Tap into this motivator by focusing on how the product supports protection, safety, and reliability. For instance, if you are a car manufacturer, instead of simply listing the benefits of an extended auto warranty, you might provoke thought by asking questions like, “Where will you be when something goes wrong?”
  3. Love and Belonging: Humans are social creatures who crave connection and belonging. Marketing copy that speaks to the desire for love and acceptance resonates with consumers profoundly and personally. For example, don’t just list the amenities and activities in your elder care community. Include testimonials from residents touting the friendships and connections those activities have enabled.
  4. Esteem: Tap into this motivator of self-esteem and sense of worth by using language that evokes approval, independence, and status. For instance, a luxury car brand might appeal to consumers’ desire for status and prestige by using trigger words such as “elite,” “prestigious,” and “exquisite.”
  5. Self-Actualization: Who doesn’t want to reach their full potential? Use language that uplifts and helps customers visualize “the new you”!
  6. Altruism: Many consumers are motivated by a desire to “do good” and positively impact the world. For this audience, focus on empathy, compassion, and social responsibility. For instance, a sustainable fashion brand might use copy emphasizing its commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship.

Writing marketing copy that sells requires a deep understanding of the primary motivators that drive consumer behavior. By finding the right motivators and using language that taps into those motivators, you can craft copy that resonates with consumers’ needs and desires, ultimately inspiring action and driving sales.