2019 Trends for Holiday Cards

Why do we enjoy giving and receiving holiday cards so much? Because they are messages of joy and fellowship. They are meant to delight and bring a smile to the recipient. A holiday card is a great way to send a warm, personal touch to your client and to express your appreciation.

You aren’t the only company sending season’s greetings, so how do you stand out in the stack of cards on your client’s desk? Here are some top trends and tips to consider when getting your Holiday mailings ready this year.


Personalization is huge right now. Why? Because in a noisy, impersonal world, people want to feel unique and special. If you want people to respond to and remember your cards this holiday season, seek ways to add an extra personal touch. Fun fact: Annie Oakley is credited with sending the first personalized Christmas cards in America – with a photo of herself on the front.


Stories speak to us. It can be extremely powerful to use your holiday card to tell a story about your customers or your business. You can also choose to recount an inspiring tale and find ways to tie it back to your organization’s mission and principles.

Brand Messaging

Make sure your cards are representative of your company culture, values, ethos and brand colors.

Cultural Awareness

Being socially aware and culturally diverse in business has never been more important. Whether you have clients overseas, or here in the U.S. who do not celebrate Christmas, take some time to investigate their winter holidays. Share a message with them that makes them feel seen and understood.

How do you plan to outshine the competition this holiday season? Try these tips to rise above the crowd. Most of all, keep the spirit of the season in mind and aim to create a card that will inspire and delight your clientele.

Ready to get started? Print Management can take the stress out of getting your holiday cards out this year. From designing and printing to addressing and mailing, we can take care of every detail.