The Call to Action: Small Changes = Big Impact

A call to action (CTA) is an essential element of any marketing piece, as it prompts the reader or viewer to take a specific action. Thus, we should expect minor changes to the CTA to impact the effectiveness of the marketing piece significantly, and they do. Here are three examples of how simple changes to…

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Got Myths? 3 Misperceptions About Print

Facts & Myths

Got Myths? 3 Misperceptions About Print Print continues to receive a lot of attention from marketers. Why? First, because it works. Second, it’s simply less annoying. (According to, print is 43% less annoying than the Internet.) Less annoying or not, there are many misperceptions about print that cause marketers to overlook its value. Let’s…

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Study: More Channels = Better Results

Have you ever wondered how using multiple channels impacts your results? A recent study from Demand Metric / PFL gives some insights. In this study, “2019 Multichannel Marketing Report,” which surveyed 579 marketers, researchers asked how many channels respondents were using and how happy they were with the results. The study found that two-thirds of…

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2019 Trends for Holiday Cards

Why do we enjoy giving and receiving holiday cards so much? Because they are messages of joy and fellowship. They are meant to delight and bring a smile to the recipient. A holiday card is a great way to send a warm, personal touch to your client and to express your appreciation. You aren’t the…

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Top 5 Ideas for Holiday Cards

Christmas Cards were first popularized in the United States in the 1840s. At the time, they were considered a luxury item only for the wealthy until German printer Louis Prang started mass producing cards in 1875. Flash-forward over a hundred years and Christmas cards are an unshakeable American tradition with billions of cards mailed annually.…

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What Drives Color Trends?

What drive color trends

What influences the graphic designers who are designing your marketing collateral, direct mail, packaging, and displays? According to Jack Bredenfoerder, director of BV Color Strategy, five factors are impacting the use of color in any design project: 1.  How the eye sees color. This refers to the interaction of the object, the light source, and…

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